The scoop: ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER & …chemicals??

For starters, artificial sweetener is a man made substance…a chemical.  You know which ones they are.  The labels read:  “Diet” “Sugar Free” even “Fat Free”. Be sure to steer clear of these labels for numerous reasons.  Asparatame and Sucralose are, specifically, the sugar substitutes/artificial sweetners that are extremely harmful.  When it is ingested, it suppresses the appetite, to a degree.  Once it wears off, the appetite comes back more extreme and serves no purpose whatsoever.  One of the reasons to just stick to natural sweetener, but that alone may not be the #1 reason to avoid artificial sweetener.

     What is this chemical?  A scientist conducting an experiment once proved:  When aspartame and sucralose is heated to 92.8°  it turns into formaldehyde (average tempurature for humans is 98.6, but is it worth risking your life??).  Formaldehyde causes cancer.  Cancer is damaged/destroyed DNA cells.  Essential Oils REPAIR damaged DNA cells.  Over the years my research has provided me with these facts.  Holistic Remedies are shunned upon by the American government, big pharmaceutical companies and so many medical professionals.  The doctors are holding hands with the pharmaceutical companies and the pharmaceutical companies are holding hands with the government.  America is the only country that doesn’t support the use of Essential Oils for medicinal purposes.  Europe is big on it, as well as Canada and many others. 

Suzanne Somers is a cancer survivor because of her holistic doctor!  He mysteriously died and was not ill.  Also at that time, EIGHT other Holistic Practitioners mysteriously died or vanished.  Sinister!

Also, in this article about WHY ESSENTIAL OILS HEAL AND DRUGS DON’T is a Canadian Holistic doctor who, also, mysteriously died.

I find this article very, very interesting because I knew bits and pieces about the side effects of medications and how they are bad but this explains everything!  Do you find it annoying that no matter what channel you are watching there is ALWAYS a PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION COMMERCIAL??!!! I certainly do!!!!…. “Side effects may include death” Good grief!  I will stick to what I believe and what I learn.  A song’s lyrics:  “Don’t believe everything that you breathe”…


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