HAIR Hygiene 101

EditLet’s just start this off with my strongest suggestion, and why.  This is about washing your hair/hair hygiene.  How many of you only shampoo once????? The majority of the population does, ESPECIALLY girls with long/extra long hair!  FYI:  The bottle of shampoo specifically says “shampoo, lather, rinse, repeat” 😄😄😄😄 Why? I’LL TELL YOU EXACTLY WHY!!  It can seem a bit complicated, because not only does it fall under the hygiene category, but also in the proper care you take for yourself to preserve your natural beauty. Do you ever notice how your hair (at the scalp/root of the hair) feels greasy the next day (sometimes, even the SAME day you “wash”)? ‘Tis a wee bit on the scientific side, but here it is.  The actual hair grows out of a pore and pores produce sweat/oil/sebum.  The oils are secreted and the oils now begin to coat the shaft of the hair.  Thus is good because it naturally hydrates the hair, however, it can cause a bad situation with build up if not removed/cleansed away properly.  You see, THE FIRST shampoo LOOSENS up the dirt, yet it still has traces of oil/dirt on the hair shaft.  THE SECOND shampoo,  REMOVES the dirt and oils.  Get it?  The 1st shampoo loosens the dirt and the 2nd shampoo removes the dirt…..Easy as that. 

Just think of it as:  the purpose of shampooing is to “degrease”, in a sense.  So, if the oils are being produced at the scalp, then there are zero oils on the ends of the hair. That means……what? You guessed it, only shampoo the scalp, otherwise the ends dry out even faster!! (The shampoo opens the cuticle of the hair, the ends of the hair are already open/porous) Leading to…..I dread saying it, but DEAD ENDS! Noooooo! The ends will, in turn, be washed because during the rinse, the suds run down the hair. This ensures the ends of the hair aren’t “drenched” with suds, which causes over drying/opening of the cuticle 😒😒😒 Make sure both applications are full of soapy suds.  Sometimes applying spot applications will ensure the entire scalp is nice and sudsy.  

The way I shampoo clients is take the hair in sections and apply the soap directly on the scalp.  Everyone has a different method of how they do it. (If you think about it, most people shampoo once-loosen the oil/dirt, and condition second. All that is happening here, is OIL on top of OIL)

So, that does it.  Shampoo the scalp twice and condition the ends once (the ends of your hair is the entire length of your ponytail, avoiding the scalp which puts oil on top of oil. Ew! Sometimes clogging the pore) 

On an even further note, if people do not clean their hair properly on a regular basis, this can lead to hair loss.  Thinning hair all occurs at the scalp.  The follicle/pore becomes so clogged, it then cuts off the circulation to the root of the hair which will kill follicle, making the hair fall out (making it sit in the resting stage too long and cannot grow back). See more of this on Definitely DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Ideally, people with fine hair should wash every 2-3 days. Whereas, medium to course should wash every other day.  

Frequent washing can lead to a dry scalp and your scalp needs oil to stay hydrated. However, if you workout and sweat regularly, rinsing the hair in between washes will distribute the oils down the hair which hydrates the hair NATURALLY! So what type of hair texture do you have?  Have you discovered your method of shampooing?

On this note…

Q:  Do you know what season your hair grows the fastest? 

Give up? ?

A:  SUMMER. Do you know how/why?

Whenever we drink a lot of water, and stay well hydrated, that’s when the hair grows the fastest. In summer, we drink to stay cool, hydrated, and are just plain aware of when our bodies need water. In winter our bodies are cool, so we tend to not be as aware of our bodies needing more water because we “think we are cool” LOL. Check out this blog about hair on if you want a few more fun facts about the health of the hair and scalp!

Hope you enjoyed this segment, brought to you today, from my beauty school textbook.  Have a lovely day kiddos….. ♡



For all of my fellow citizens who have children, know someone who does, or just want to take precautions; I have just the thing for you. It’s to prevent lice. Being exposed to the elementary age school children, this sure does come in handy:

I got this idea when our original product from the local beauty store was discontinued. 😭😭😭😭  This is my revised/all-natural version. Originally, I used Sea Salt instead of alcohol but it wasn’t a strong enough medium to break up the oils in the H2O.

Good luck, everyone! Have a wonderful day 🌞


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