can you SMELL that SMELL?


Every living being consists of energy/frequency/vibration. The human body measures around 68-72 MHz, receptive to cancer measures at 42 MHz. 

There are all kinds of confusing little diagrams of interesting bonds, chains, links etc. about essential oils.  But to really put it simply, a natural aroma has a physical shape and our noses have receptors.  If the key (aroma) fits into a lock (receptor in our nose), then the scent is “preferred”.  If there are no receptors, the scent is “disliked”.  These essential oils are purely from the plants and flowers on Earth, so—HANDLE WITH CARE.  ESSENTIAL means vital for the being to survive and OILS are the extractions from the plants or flowers.  It is quite a privilege for anyone to have access to these precious nutrients that are directly from nature.  Focusing on the benefits of the oils and appreciating where they came from would be so much more pleasant than talking about the dislike ones as “repulsive odors”.  That is my point here!  It all starts with you and that nose of yours 🙂 

(Reference:  Aromatherapy class and demonstration at AVEDA in 2012)

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Here is the scientific version for the ☆ scientifically interested ☆

The Vibration Theory of smell proposes that a molecule’s smell character is due to its vibrational frequency in the infrared range.  The theory is an extension to the more widely accepted shape theory of olfactionwhich proposes that a molecule’s smell character is solely due to its shape and electrostatic charge.

Promote balance through CHAKRAS with ESSENTIAL OILS


The trust is in the Young Living Essential Oils process.  Seed to Seal is clean (not multiple vendors) and without harsh chemicals, therefore can be ingested (unlike most store bought essential oils).  Click each LINK to check out a video of each step taken to bottle these precious oils.  It shows how truly precious they are.  I love how someone mentioned on Facebook, “now that’s a seal with a kiss” lol TOO FUNNY!

Step 1: SEED



Step 4: TEST

Step 5: SEAL


Relatively speaking, scent is effective in so many different ways.  This is one of my favorites!  Being that I am exposed to the grade school members, it seems that there are quite a bit of my fellow citizens that may have a complete misunderstanding about the prevention of LICE! I am a hairstylist, by trade, and this information is based on 100% truth.
First and foremost, piling on the hair products WILL NOT PREVENT LICE. Think about how other repulsive critters chew through ANYTHING! HOWEVER, I will add that hair products can PREVENT if they have TEA TREE and LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OILS as ingredients, not fragrance/artificial scent. The lice do not like the aroma of TEA TREE or LAVENDER. It WILL NOT kill them or their eggs, but they will go elsewhere when this aroma is present.
My personal FAVORITE recipes include ESSENTIAL OILS. Since the oils are extremely concentrate, they must be diluted! At home, I create a mixture for the spray bottle AND a serum/oil. The spray bottle is merely distilled water,sea salt, the tea tree and lavender ESSENTIAL OIL drops. The serum is a small bottle of ALMOND or COCONUT OILS and TEA TREE and LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OILS. Check out my page Young Living’s Essential Oils w/ April. Nature in a bottle. Did I mention that I am a Young Living Essential Oil Distributor??




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